Monday, 3 October 2011

...Sock puppet and leg casts :)

This is Sophie... she loves to play on her scooter but recently she fell off and hurt her leg :) its ok though shell be better soon. all her friends and family signed her cast and she loves it now :D, she feels like her leg needs some friends and help to balance her out so she made some sock puppets to make her baddy leg feel better.....she decided to name them frnak bob and harry.. she also has an obsession with moustaches :) lets be honest who doesnt :D


  1. lmao her jumper is awesome ! i want it but in a different color obv :P i love the cast on her foot too, pretty funkalishious my baby :D i love this image and i love you :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. i love how you have been able to make sock puppets (illustrated sock puppets) seem alive and full of expression. and i would agree that the jumper is "awesome".