Friday, 7 October 2011

IF - Hibernate final

This is Harriet she loves to study Hedgehog and their Habits... she loves to study Hibernation :) and why these animals hibernate....she continues on her search for the answer....

Here by my Illustration Friday sorry for my terrible lateness and my not so polished drawing :( ...... i used my skecthed line work then popped it into photoshop to add the colour honestly it could of used alot more polish but what can ya do when you have crazy flu :(


  1. I like the way Heather's hair & headband speak for her hedgehog love! Hope you are over your flu hibernation soon!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad your blog was suggested to me because it's awesome!! I love this picture so much!! Reminds me of me and Ethel! That's my hamster by the way! Thanks for making me smile x

  3. haha love her expression! the big sleeves are nice touch :)