Friday, 30 September 2011

X-Ray completed

This be a coloure dup image I did the line work for a few weeks ago but just ahvnt had a moment to finish it off... been working this weekend so my blogging has slowed down but should pick it up again in the week :D

..papa and his girls :) ....

This is papa and his two girls... he so cute and so are they ahhh drawing is fun :) yeah so here be a sketch :D

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

....IP informAnimation....Spain

Here be the design for the character i design for the spnish guys... so now i just need to do one more group of people and some of the tutors and ill have a full house woot woot!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

CV - September 2011

Here is my upadted and revamped cv ready for my next round of job hunting :)


Here be a collection of my drawings.. these are all my most recent collection of designs :D, they look a little crazy when there all together like this hehehhehe

IF - Ferocious

This is olivia... she has allways dreamed of being a giant octopus and being queen of the sea...... she made this costume herself and plays underwater destroyer in her room... yes this game is as mean as it sounds .... she kills all her ocean friends :O

OHHH vampire animation

OHh here it is... i had this big cuflufle of having acs5 file but only having cs4 so didnt think i could save it out but hey I found a way so yea woot woot here it is... its very rough and there just key poses :) was kinda doing this as a bit of sun really :) i have missed animating anywho yeah keys vampire things :D

Vampire boy

Here be Vampire boy wooooooohooo :) was doing a little animation test on this guy but was harder than i thought coz i was doing this spinning cape thing and all got a little pcmlicated needed some reference really but yeah anywho erm instead of doing that i finished designing the character and came up with some more realistic/practical/possible animations to do so yeah gunan start working on those :) I mite pop up my rough test welll see :D

Monday, 26 September 2011

X-Ray time

Here be The design stage for my x-ray drawing... its gotta be coloured now but yay line work and rough sketch :D


Here be a drawing..... it is tom... he is my friend :)... this is a drawing from a while back, i felt it deserved to be blogged instead of being stuck on my wall of drawings for such a long time yeah anywho drawing is fun :)

Friday, 23 September 2011

11 Second Club -part 3

Here is the next test.... theres a fe more frames and such but got alot more inbetweening to do and smoothing and clean up but yeah looks a little better than before :) some of the sync is off aswell and yeah i could moan for hours im very good at it so yeah here it is :D

Hogarth Hates Parties

Here be Hogarth and his sister Harriet.. hes been dragedd to her 5th Birthday party.... he was ropped into handing out the birthday balloons.. its a hat themed party...hogart also hates hats :)

I actually tried adding a few textures to this learned this new adding a mask trick which was rather interesting so gave it a whirl but yeah think it adda a little something so may try it again :D

Thursday, 22 September 2011

11 Second Club - next attempt

Here be the beginning of the full thing.. im starting to make a bit of sense of it and adding bit more detail still quite rough but yeah its nice to be animating again :D

A boy with a bucket on his head :)

This is Yestyn and super duper times ten loves the colour yellow :) he plays battlefield in his yard and uses a bucket as his helmet :)

Ieuyonuss and caela

Happy Ieuan and Caela day woot woot :) this be a drawing for Ieuan it's me and him hehehhe woooow shocking i know ummm yeah :D

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

11 Second Club

Here be my first attempt at doing one of the 11 second club pieces :) the image is the character i am currently going to use which could possibly change kept him super simple to make the animating a bit easier(need to get back into the swing of things before i go all crazy :D) ...... umm yeah this is the first run of animation, this is pretty much my brain trying to figure out what im going to do but thought I would pop it up so I can keep putting up different progressions of the piece anywho ANIMATION YAY!!

Tweeeettt Twoooooo

This is owl face he is cute :) ....he sits perched on his tree while he waits to spot something he wants to eat :) he has big eyes that can see everything :) ... his favourite food is mice nom nom nom

Ballerina FUN

Here be a ballerina :) woot woot ummmm had some photoshop helpage and was looking at changing the pen line tool i have been using :) but switched it and realised how fun it is to use your own pen tools insted of the set ones.... um yeah so changed the brush and then looked at using coloured lines instead of black just to see which one looked nicer tbh im still not sure which one i prefer :D

I am The Newt Catcher

Here be Nigel the newt Catcher..... he uses only the net to catch them but he likes to find the massive ones :) there more of a challenge for him to catch...... he never hurts any of the newts he gives them names and pops them back in their home :) he loves observing them and seen all the different variations of newt :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Here be some alphabet letters wooot wooot fun times ahoy :) i created a few for some buttons that i was going to use for my website so I thought I would create the full alphabet because I have been thinking of some other things I may use lettering for.

Tina And her Tree

This is Tina, she is about to leave for school and its bring a tree to school day, she loves to keep and eye on the time with her clock bag... she has to wear her school tie everyday :)

Mouse Boy

This is Mat the masked menace :)..... and this is his army of Mechanical Mice :) ..... his eye mask and the mop disguise his villainy and mischievous acts...... he created the mice himself....using toy mice and lots and lots of mechanical parts.... they answer to him and only him :)

Mouse Boy

This is the early sketch and line work done for my mouse booy :) coloured up version and story to come :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ohhhhh little pig :)

Here is the line work for a big that I drew .... its the start of me trying to draw some animals :) wooot wooot :) so yeah heres the first one :).... hes a pig oh yeah hehe........ and just popped the colour one up with it aswelll :)......

pigs are CUTE

Unicorn jumper Girl

here be the coloured up version of the girl in the family im creating :) shes the main focus because shes be my favourite character but yeah she likes colours and shes obsessed with unicorns and she super loves bright colours and smiling.. her brother is her idol and she spends alot of her time following him around :D

Beach fun Girl

Here she be :) coloured up and enjoying some beach fun :D

Here be sandy :D she loves the beach.. everytime she goes she never forgets her bucket and spade so she can make an awesome castle.... she gets mesmerised by the suns refelction on the water and can stay on the beach all day without getting bored.....even though she can swim shes likes to take her swimming gear just in case the water makes her but worried.

..Beach girl...

This is the beach girl... i popped up the line work first and then a grayscale of the coloured version just you know for fun :D..... pretty much enjoying this characters deisgning but i feel once I have coloured up the sketches i have scanned and such i wanna do some background work and maybe some animal based characters :)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Beach time :D

Here is a drawing I did of a beach girl :) this is the next drawing im hoping to draw up digital probably use photoshop me thinks its actually alot faster than building things up in illustrator which came as a surprise to me but yeah thats the plan... :)

Friday, 16 September 2011

Lost At Sea Inpired

Here is an iomage i drew... its not eactly the same as this style ...... think i liked the nose they used and was just drawing when I was on the bus because I got inspired by the awesome book by Lee O'malley :D its called lost at sea amd ts about a group of teenagers that go on a drive together :) its pretty awesome I cant lie :) but yea inspiration drawing wooohoooo :D

Family Time

I have been making some mini projects for myself and the first being a family, I have noticed I like to draw younger character (children) and don't draw adults that much.... I have also discovered I don't draw alot of animals either sp I need to get on it and sort that out :D anywho here are the sketches of my character designs which I am hopefully soon to start digitizing... I also want to make some layouts for these characters and some animation tests possibly...I have alot to do though so well see :D

mmmmmm buttons :)

Buttons woooohooooo lol been working on a project at the mo so havnt had alot of free time to work on my own bits and bobs which has been awesome kinds of fun and hard at the same time anywho... here are some buttons that i have designed for my new website...need to work on the rest of the stuff soon :D yay... hopefully ill hop back on the drawing train soon :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Here be a sketch I did a while ago :).... its supposed to be a girl eating a plate full of donuts :) im not going to colour this one up or if I do it will be a little later on so i thought I would pop it up now :) woot wooot