Sunday, 30 September 2012

The girl who smiled

Here is Lucy she loves being happy :) this is a new character design I was working onnwoooohoooooo if done a lot of animals recently so this was my first character if done in a while was fun :)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lamp shade head baby :)

Here is lamp shade head baby or as he is better known by his family and. Friends as Dylan Griffith :) he was peacefully eating his mushy peas and chips when a strange object was placed over his head blocking his vision :) he was faltered even slightly as long as he could get his dinner into his belly he was happy :)

Lamp shade head boy!

Hehehhehehe during a moment of craziness I decided to draw a series of character with lampshades on their head this one he is trying to pretend to be a lampshade :) hehehhehehe I have done a few of these and if I have time I may do some more :)

Have a happy zebra filled birthday

Here is Sara the zebra she is getting ready to head to her sister yetties birthday :) she got her a great big green balloon saying happy birthday for her she absolutely  loved it :)

Mr Lightbulb

Here is Mr Leonard Bleeker the lightbulb, he like to glow and spread light to dark places. He wears rubber gloves because he can give off soooo much power. He is a professor of artificial light and energy. Everyone loves his lectures :) one day he knows it will be time to full fill his destiny and light up.        

The bear in the blue vest!

Here is blu the grizzly bear, he doesn't go anywhere without his vintage blue vest from his papa bear. He has sharp claws and everyone is afraid of him but he just wants to make friends :)  

A flower and a pot!

Here is Florence the flower pot, she she likes tomake sure she has a good position in the sun so her beautiful flower can glimmer and shin in the sunlight. Her favourite flowers are sunflowers and she loves people admiring her beauty :)

Panda face

This is panda and her name is Georgina she loves to climb trees and is always eating :)

Oh blog how I missed you!!

Yay blog it's been so long :) while I've been away I haven't stopped drawing just haven't had a chance to get to the Internet. Me and my boyfriend have just moved to london well technically Kent so been sorting out the big move but were finally settled and it's time to go drawing crazy and log some drawing time :) started drawing more animals and stuff recently still drawing on my iPad really starting to love e program I'm using :) any who enough chatter to the postong vomit of doom this will take a while :) thanks for chiggers checking out my work :)