Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The mummie

Here is my halloween character for the day :) waahhhhh whooooo should be sleeping for my night awake but never mind :)

He's a Goulie who loves to dance and boogie he doesn't understand why everyone is afraid of him :)

Happy halloween :)

Happy halloween to all and to all a good candy filled night :) here is the pumpkin ieuan carved for us :D hehe

Hehheheh spoooky grave cake made of well just everything related to choclate nom nom nom :D

here are some ghoulish cupcakes with raisan eyes and a cocnut filling yummy yummy time to consume as much suagry goodness as i can cos its halloween so its aloud :D

Me strawberry slushie

Nom nom nom nom strawberry slushie :) I'm just so tasty and strawberry filled :)

Ahh my posting has become irregular working lots and doing night shifts so my drawing time has been sabotaged by sleepiness and a vampire like sleeping pattern :0 hoping to post lots more soon :)

Saturday, 27 October 2012

rhino rhino jungle!

Here is Robert the rhino he loves to wear his super bright and stripped green jumper, he never takes it off not even to have it washed :) heheheh!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

It coffin time!

Here is the first of hopefully a few Halloween drawings heheh this is someone trying to escape their coffin. Are they dead already or alive? Do you dare to wait and find out?


Here is callum the cactus :) he
Loves giving out great big hugs but no one seems to want one! One day hell be a grown cactus and reach high into the sky :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Moshi monster inspired drawing :)

Here is my moshi monster version of myself hehehhehehe tried to keep the shapes simple and stuck to using minimal detail :) gave myself a tiamo jumper heheheh really enjoying being inspired by the style of moshi monsters!!

This is my own version of a background done in the style of moshi monsters :)
I was looking at how they use all rounded shapes and add a very minimal amount of shading. I really like the heavy contrast of lines on the characters and none on the backgrounds :)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ice cream with attitude

Here is swirley the strawberry flavoured ice cream cone :) she loves to smile all day and everyone wants to eat her coz she sooo delicious :)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Army cat

This is frank the army cat, he has returned home. Safely and is back with his family :)  he keeps his helmet with him allways to remember all his army friends .... He has hurt his foot and tail but he is all bandaged up and on his way to a full recovery :)

The mouse and his cheese

This is morgan the mouse and he likes to wear his cheese jumper everywhere he goes. He thinks its a magic jumper because its actually starting to smell like cheese but that's just because he's been wearing it soooooo much :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Birdy bird face :)

This is Daphney she liked digging for worms and other creatures so she can make new friends ......they always wriggle away from her she doesn't know why. I think they might be scared :) she likes to splash around in the water and dry off in the sunshine.


This is Ralph the raccoon :) he gets very nervous around others he likes to chillax in the sun and combing his stripey tail :)

Adventure time with a twist!!

wahhhhoooooooooo ADVENTURE TIME!!!

here is an adventure time image that I took and sketched up myself and added me and Ieuan to it :D hehehhe we love this program sooo much hhehe

Happy Birthday Ieuan :D

wooohooooo happy birthday ieuan :D for his birthday card i made him this hehehhe there versions of me and him as adventure time characters, i tried to make us be intergratable into the series so i would be princess bubblegums cousin and ieuan would of been a member from marcellenes band hehehheheh it could totally work im sure of it hehehe :D

Friday, 5 October 2012

The turtle that flew :)

This is rosy the turtle she loves soaring high through the sky and diving through the clouds :)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A panda called Peter

Peter the panda is on his way to school :) he loves his blue backpack he takes it everywhere and everywhere.

Little lion face :)

Here a lion her name is simba :) she loves jumpers heheheh!!!

This is my attempt at the same design of my lion but in a completely different style it's highly inspired by moshi monsters :)

The lion in the puple jumper

This is Simba the lion cub his mum gave him a jumper because she was worried he would be too cold when he went out hunting, he wasn't feeling cold though and now all the the other animals are making fun of him, part from Lola she thinks he looks extra cute :)