Sunday, 31 July 2011

Child Scientist -

This is my little scientist :) she loves to experiment and create new things... she borrowed her white jacket from her dad who is a also a scientist(shocker there :D), so it doesnt fit her all that well. She likes bright colours and unique and different things..... :D

Zombies yay :)

This is Zombie Zoe :) i loves zombies i think there super awesome and i loves drawing this one :).... she got bitten by her ear and this is how she was turned.... shes still a little bit smart coz she has a mace thingy and shes holding someones heart WOW she crazy :P


yay drawing :) this is ralph and he likes to read..... he does alot of reading...its makes him feel intellegant, he learnjs lots of strange an interesting facts to share and tell others :)

Friday, 29 July 2011


This character is a princess and all she eats all day every day is apples, one day people fear thats exactly whats shes going to turn into :D she told this to scare her but it just makes her eat more and more and more .......

Apples Are Aweome... Especially Green Ones!!!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

IF - Perennial

sooo.... i wanted to do illustration friday and in complete honesty I had no idea what Perennial meant so I had a look and this is what I got....

Perennial - continuing without interruption : constant, perpetual

...She will continue her journey through rain and stormy weather, on a quest :D yeah thats the best I could do hehhehehe hope you like.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This is a girl who attending a spelling bee competition... she doesnt realize its an actual test for spelling and thinks its a fancy dress competition for the best bee :( oh deary me

Ricky Gervais Show

This is a drawing from the Ricky Gervais Show :) i loves this show its sooo goood pretty funny and looks awesome aswell so win win really... this is just a quick sketch i did :)

Monday, 25 July 2011

sketches YAY

Drawings Yay :D I been doing quite alot of character sketches but havnt had a camera or a scanner to be able to pop them up on here :) finally I bought a camera yesterday woohooo so it means I can return to doing some posting... im not photoshopping these drawings because i feel they loose some of their nice fresh drawn quality and look a bit stiff anywho here are the next two

- this is a little girl who loves to experiement, normally everythiing goes wrong and lots of explosions occur, she gets excited when new creations are created.
- the other is a hippie she trying to help save the trees, she is protesting in the fields were the trees live.... :D

Saturday, 23 July 2011

competition time

This is callum and he loves to enter competitions.... mostly he goes for the helicopter ones... he just loves to watch em fly :D

Step 2 - The Greeks

Here is the next set of character sjetches of the greek guys.. wooooohooo 2 down,2 to go other people lol woohooooooo


This is a boy who loves to read and write, he reads all day and reads all night, i wonder what story will flood his mind tonight......

trying to post everyday sorry didnt manage it yesterday nooooooo... i work on the weekend so blaming that for the distraction, work is done for the week though yay back to drawing... gunna try and get my hands on a camera so I can post up some of my hand drawn stuoooooffffs and im gunna carry on with my digtized versions and IP stuuuufff aswelll :D productful week i hopes :D

Thursday, 21 July 2011

long train waits in the rain

This is me when i was waiting for my train, it was crazy kinds of raining and i sat for an hour waiting for the train.... i didnt even have enough money for a coffee :( ... but on the upside i had my sketch book and my pencil case so I sat and starting drawing :D yay

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

step 1 - the uk

For the ERASMUS IP animation animation course i attended I wanted tp create a group image my my hand drawn flash style tios rather fun :) takes alot longer than I first thought it would coz I wanna make the characters look like the person... anywho this is the first bunch started with the uk guys, i though familiar faces mite have made for an easier beginning starting to think i was wrong though think it may be easier to draw people who im not super close with :) anywho im waffling now should keep popping these up over the next few days or maybe the week due to an exesive amount of mini projects that i have just begun hehehe



This is another random character sketch I seem to have done its annoying my blogging is behind me draing speed so have more to pop up :) yay fun yay drawing yay blog :D

sleepy head with some colour

Heres the other drawing done digital style :) woohooooo ahhhh feels so nice to be able to sit down and just draw whatever is in my head :) i would like to spend more time on these digital pieces this was probably about and hours worth of work here :D im loving hand drawing my stuff but wanna keep going with the both ...having some trouble finding a scanner though so sketch book scans on my webcam i think it may be :)

anywho yeah shes sleeepy ahhhhhhh bless her

digital grapes yay

Hey here are the grapes wooooohooo digitzed for the win :) this is illustrator and just drew from my original sketch :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sleepy Head

Here is a sketch of a little girl :) shes standing next to her dad and hes just got home from work, she amazed at just how tall he is.....her mum just read her The BFG :D

fancy dress competition

Back in my younger days I entered a fancy dress competition as a bunch of grapes... hehehe im not gunna lie it was the best costume i ever wore and I won first prize with it ... oh yea baby :D my mum made it for me, it was a very stylish bin bag with loads of green balloons attached :) ehehhehehhe ahhhhh good times eyyy

Jose Lopez

This be a drawing I did from one of my favourite artists :) hes amazing :D JOSE LOPEZ be his name check out his work .. its mostly character design stuff but its proper sick lol .......... this is the cover to his book which ieuan bought me and its super inspiring ... he has a blo9g aswell check it out if you fancy being inspired :D

Monday, 18 July 2011

basic website layout design

here is a basic layout i designed for a website... I have yet to do alot of work in webdesign but I want to do some more so gunna find myself some tutorials and build a mock up for a full site me thinks :) this is one of the many things on my long list of to do's lol hopefullly ill start bamming through them all :D

..danie pineapple

This was a sketch I did while I was in in Italy, I started to digitize it in Illustrator but only did a circle for the head lol....ran out of time a little due to the intense drawing on the course itself...may go back to finishing this one day I guess well have to see :)

....IP informAnimation....

Recently I have returned from a super duper awesome amazing 2 and a half weeks informanimation project which was in Sardinia :D it was super stressful and alot of hard work but i met a great bunch of people and it was an experience ill never forget ... im currently working on a group image of everyone who was apart of this amazing experience and ill post it if I ever finish it :) which lets be honest I probably will :D

To find out some more infomration about this experience have a look at their website :)

Ieuan and I

Wow its been so long since I have been on here :( makes me sad even thinging about it .....well here is a quick scribble i did of me and my bf :) just a bit fo fun really, I have done some drawings tryign to make sure I do at least one everyday but u need to get me a scanner so posting has become a problem at the momento....

Anywho University is finished and its job hunting pretty determind to fins soemthign so im going to deign a new website, pimp out my blogger and start emailing some people and see what happens.... hopefully if im persistant enough everything will fal into place :D