Wednesday, 29 December 2010


This background was done by mat and i popped the character on it ...don't knwo why i havnt done it sooner to be honest but yeah there you go ....theres my character on a background... :) gunna make some more backgrounds and stuff to pop together :) its late and im supposed to be awaking early fun fun fun :)

...caela drawing...

After doing the christmas version of this drawing I deceided to strip it back and put some normal clothes on it.... I liked this design so im looking at using it with my buisness cards and cv but well see what happens :) All these images were built in illutrator and coloured up aswell.... :)need to get back to doing my project work now though
:) hope you like

...merry christmas :) ......

christmas yay this is a little late I know but never mind ey :) merry christmas to everyone and I hope you had an awesome time :)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

....newest girl turnaround... :)

This is the newest design for the girl ...i changed some little bits and simplified her day to day clothes she has different costumes that she will wear to pimp her out... :)

ummmmm...yeah still needs a little work but overall im happy with it ...

...doll illustrator pen line turnaround.....

this be the turnaround for my doll character i decided to make the pen line jump from thick and thin because i didnt want the one line thickness effect i find it looks a bit boring...i got a new tablet today aswell so i got all excited about doing somwthing digital :)

Friday, 24 December 2010

...tron design of my character...

went to see TRON on wednesday and it was mega awesome so felt inspired and was drawing my character in some different costumes so I coloured up the tron one heheheh :)

Monday, 20 December 2010

.....illustratrated props...

Heres the digitized props I have so far for the toys tha girl has theres a shot involving alot of toys and I know mat is doing the backgrounds but we though if we both built loads of props then ill have a bank of them to drop onto shots when I started animating.. so far I have found it alot of fun...theres alot of other things that need to be designed aswell like posters for her room and such :) cantwa it to get going on it... so much I wanna do and not enough time :)

.... some early prop sketches...

heres some rough sketches of my props....I wanted her to have some recognisable toys :)..... i have sooo many toys to design and im really enjoying it tis fun to sketch toys :) going to pop some digital ones together soon :)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

........illustration friday...phenomenon

honestly I had nop idea what to do for this Just put a person in a cage :O its crazyness I tell you ..... anywho um yeah wanna try ahnd keep withthis illustration friday thing coz its nice to do a rnaomd drawing every once an a while... :) this one is a little rushed but tbh had a pretty stressful day due to lack of sleepage :(...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

...some snips for my animatic..

Here are some snips from the animatic I have been working on....not gunna pop that up just yet though coz it's not complete and dont wanna go giving away my whole story :O ...these are some of the bits I popped in that I quite like. Its basically tha girl suiting up ready to do some investigating..

...rough design for ..eliot kid inspired character...

this is a rough sketch I did for an Eliot Kid inspired character... I love the design of them so wanted to make my own one... im gunna illlustrator this up soon :)

.... few hands... for one of my shots...

This is from my sketchbook, this is another reason why i like working on paper because my image hasnt cleaned up well at all :( never mind....

anywho this is one of the shots when the spy girl puts on her spy belt :) I was looking at some hands positions and what she would have on her belt.

..character build...

This is a rough build of the girl character I tried to simplify her a bit and stripped off her spy gear ... :) I spent mopst of the day doing an animatc for my film because I changed the story...i needed a break from that so trying to do some drawing...pretty fried now though :O but yea vector based build woooohoooo :)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

...rough design for first shot...

this is a rough design for the bedroom at the start...i was looking at keeping ths ttyle quite simple and the background work won't have any heavy outlines so the characters really stand out yeah this is really rough because it would have more details but as a rough yeah im happy with it...

..different face shapes for the dog character.....

These are some design development i did for the dog ....i'm still developing his face a bit...hes a sausage dog and they have really long noses so trying to show this and hvaing trouble but ill definatly get there with alot more drawing :)

....doll action poses....

These is the pose sheet I did for the doll character, pretty happy with it but yeah hope you like :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

...quick character sketches..

these are some rough skethes for side characters in my film :)

..illustration friday - prehistoric...

I havnt been doing any illustration fridays in ages and i felt bad so thought that this week I would give it a go :)

This weeks word is prehistoric and this old lady is prehistoric and proud of it :)
I had fun doing this some times its nice to break away from uni work :)....this was roughed out and cleaned up in illlustrator then I added some lights in after effects :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

....expression sheets...well some of...

These are the expression sheets for the dad character and the therapy patient. I wanted to do more today but they take ages :O and I have another 4 sets to do oh yay for me....gunna do something else for a bit and come back to the others but yea expression sheets yay

Monday, 6 December 2010

...still again ...

Here be a few more...I couldnt get my after effects clip to uplaods on ehre but its on youtube so have a look if you get a chance :)

....Production stills ....

Yay finished after effects and time to continue with kicking some pre production butt :) Im pretty happy with what i finished with in the end, we had an extended deadline so i may make a few adjustments and re export it in the week but to be honest I want to move on and get back on the main project. I have massivly enjoyed these three weeks and after effects is a prety sweet deal :) anywho here are some production stills from my after effects piece ..... hope you like

Friday, 3 December 2010

...the doll .... hehehe

well this scene is to try and show that the doll comes to life im gunna add some more razzle dazzle to it to make it more interesting :) ... i have mega enjoyed these weeks speant on AE... it got me to use illustrator again and i forgot how much I loved it :) but yeah evil dolll and some light and stuff yay :)

..scene 2 - the coat rack...

This is the coat rack scene basically paning upwars and what looks like a noprmal coat rack actually has a mask and a cape hanging on it i know right its totally crazy :O

this still needs ummm some textage and some more bits but im pretty happys with it :)

...opening for title sequence...

This is the opening scene for my title sequence...i built all the parts in illustrator then popped them into flash and all the animating and everything else will be done in AE :) this still needs alot of work but im pretty happy with how its looking.

sorry about the terrible quality I cant seem to get the file sizes right to uplaod em :(

eliot kid

This is obvisouly not one of my own character designs but I wanted a mini break from my after effects so had a 10 min break and decided to have a go at building him in illustrator to see if I could replicate the pretty happy with it but there are a few minor bits I would change......

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

...more stuff.... :)

well today had been yet another day of ilustration, its taking ages to build these characters but reaching the end now
yay...thought i would pop this up basically you can see the rough drawing then the line work and colour work for the characters and then i plonked em on a background to have a look see how they were looking...yet again I can spot things with them that I want o change but I want to get on with after effects now so ill have a looky at them at a later date :)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

...Ooooooo illustrated characters :) ...... yeeeee

This be my characters built in illustrator wooohoooo :) thats taken me sooo much longer than i planned but its finally done my eyes hurts all i can see is dots :( tat was strangely fun though and feels better to be getting slightly more awesome at illustrator because I can see in these characters some things I want to correct. :) ahhh fun times eyyy.... :)

...the girl and her doll...

This be a rough image I difd of the girl character and her doll, i have stripped some of her detail in this but was quite happy coz i drew this straight into illustrator, im finding im getting really comfortable now the more I get used to the tools :)

The cleaned up image is there aswell :) I have been experimenting with trying to build them because I have been struggling to find the line quality that I liek the most but im pretty happy with the new style/look that is being created through illustrator and with some more trial and error hopefully the character builds for my final filma will be spot on and super animateable :)

....ahhhhhhh evilnesss... :)

This be anothe rshot sorta things for my after affects, done the base fot the background so working out some character stuff now to pop not having alot of animation in this piece coz don't want to focus on that want to spend my time doing effects :) yeah anywho this is the shot showing my parents as evil villains, I found it quite hard to depict them as villains and not like burglar and murders yea this is what I came up with :)

Monday, 29 November 2010

...opening shot...

this be my opening shot gunna layer it up and sucvh and after effects it and mite make a few changes but yeah thats bout it ...oh i need to add a gate aswell :) hope you like

...up the stairs and hall of fame anyone??....

In my old house at home my parents had this wall of photos of my fmaily and it was the most embarrassing wall of my life but really nice at the same time so kinda stoles that for my title sequence heheheh :)

Im going to attempt fate and make these stairs 3D no idea if ill actually live through it but be fun to give it a go :)

Tis rather strange today coz im mega out of my comfort zone with backgrounds but enjoying it.

...the evilest kitchen.. :O

this be the evilest kicthen :O why you ask..... well you'll have to wait and fin out wont you :) bkg for ma title sequence..

These are some of the background i have made for my title sequence...trying to keep them mega simple on here and want to play with adding lighting and textures on after effects...who knows if it will work but defo gunna give it a go tomorow.....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

...the coat rack room... :O

This is the second scene hehehe wooooohoooooo coat and hat rack soooo interesting lol.... I know looks prety plain but I plan to pimp it out in after effects lighting and camera angles and all that jazzzzzz :)... Oh and should probably explain the shoes.... yeeee I like em and want em and thought id throw them in..basically all these backgrounds are build in individual parts so I can pop em in together in AE coz I was playing around withthe whole 3D camera thingy :)