Sunday, 29 May 2011

IF - Asleep part 1

These are some of the development drawings for my illustrations friday...this week is asleep :) ill put the final one up soon :) when iv done it heheh

Friday, 27 May 2011

Orangebox character

Here are the basic character designs we used for the Animation for orangebox, we expanded on these because we needed some extra characters but yea, here they are.....the three builder swere used for a side story in the animatino ao we gave them a slightly different look.

Little man animation

Here is a little aimation test I dd for the animation project, basically we had an idea of there being a character that drives the story, so he would be introduced and show the orangebox furniture. :)

Orangebox - concept designs

Here are two concepts designs for the final style of the Animation, I was quite happy with how they turned out and orangebox liked them aswell. Drawing this style was actually really fun.

Orangebox - furniture

Here are soem of the many furniture i drew up based on the designs from Orangebox. It's pretty stylish stuff and was quite fun to draw up, the mixture of line work with the colour worked really well and fitted with their style of furniture :)

Motion Graphics collabration

Here is one of my shots from the collabration with the motion graphics students marko and Shelly, this was another awesome project that I was really glad to have the oppurtunity to work on. One of these clips shows a finished piece, the other shows my contribution. :)

orangebox Animation

These are two clips from an Animation project I worked on with 4 other student from my university. It was an infomrmational animation for a company called Orangebox. I really enjoyed working on this project, it was pretty stressful because it run alongside my final year film but it was a massive worthwhile experience and I lerant loads from it. It was pretty fun to work on soemthing that had a pressured deadline with a team of awesome people because everyone pulled toegther to get it all done :)

I.SPY Stills-part 2

Here are some more stills dont worry theres nothing here giving away the ending :) hhehehehehe....anywho these are from different segments from the film, you can see how the colour scheme changes. I need to add some lighting and stoooof :)

I.SPY Stills

Hey hey my film is completed more uni wooohooo/sad times...were not aloud to put any footage up yet so here are some stills from some of my favourite bits :).... I got into the final year show aswelll yay its quite exciting, so im gunna tweak some bits and pieces now and make sure I export it in better quality. As always im pretty happy with how it tuned out but at the same time theres loads of things I would like to imporve and change.

buisness Card Design

Wow it's been a while since my last blog, sadly I have been crazy busy, but finished now yay so had an oppurtunity to get some buisness cards made and focus on some personal drawing yay :)

- my printed cards arrived today :) yay was prtety awesome to see my design printed they cost soooo much though its crazy, anywhoe I hope you like my design.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blog header designs

These are the designs I tried for my blogger :) I wanted to see which one suited the layout of the blog and doesn't over complicate the design. I liked alot of them and forund a few of them worked, as you can see I chose a final design, I kept it the same as my ultimate image but stretched out the characters to fit along the top of the blog.

Ultimate Image

This is my final design for my ultimate Image, I wanted to have a selection of my character designs and pop them together to show what I can do. Overall I am happy with the design, I feel the poses could of been alot stronger and I could of pushed the design on the image alot further. Also the pencil is a little wierd but I can change that in due time :)

further development

This is a design I took from the grid system to see if I could make it work better as an Ultimate Image. I liked this design but there was still something weak about the image as a whole. As a way of presenting my work though I quite liked it.

development - character grids

I wanted to try a design using a grid system with all the characters I have designed. I liked the style that it created, I felt the two colours I chose worked well together. I felt this image wasn't strong enough for the ultimate image though, but I do like this design.

movie poster development

I looked at designing a poster involving my characters from my film. I wanted to incorporate the girl character and try and show the other characters in a certain way to show off the designs. I like the both of these I think the deisgn managed t work in a landscape and portrait format.

Development of my work

These are some developments for my ultimate image I was looking at involoving some of my own character design work with the style of my buisness cards and CV. I tried adding the bacground I used on a previous deisgn and adding a line up of my University film character. I liekd the deisgn but I found it was quite boring. The other deisgn is based on the style of the winnie the pooh poster which looks nice but I feel it is too boring.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

IF: Lesson

I got ma pencil and im ready to learn :)

Literally is Aswell.....

me and my pencil woohoooo :) this is the main design for my ultimate image :) it's me in case you didnt know....heheh this has taken longer than intended kinda started getting lost in adding details to it so stopping now and mnoving on to the next part of it :)