Friday, 25 March 2016

She has Arrived! :)

This is a card design I created for a new addition to the family :D

Sarah & Duck Series 2

Hey everyone on the old web space! I have been working on Sarah & Duck for a little while now and super duper love it but I wanted to pot up a few bits that I worked on! wowoo! I'm a designer on the team so we create the additional backgrounds based on a design pack by the Art Directors, props, Character builds and layout!

These few snips are from Bag of bags and Ribbon Fall you can catch these episodes on BBC IPlayer:

Also the dvd for the first part of series two is out! yay!! so you can also get the first ten episodes on there too :D

Stay tuned to see a few more images every once and a while don't wanna overload my feed! :D