Friday, 21 October 2011

Adventure time

ADVENTURE TIME is fully awesome in everry aspect and way hehehhehemwhwhwhwhehehhe ummmm yeah i love adventure time and after doing my adventure time inspired character drawing i decided to have a nosy at their artowrk and stummbled apon there insianly amazing backgrounds, which leads me on to the reason for this post.....

basically my background designing skills are not the best so decided to replicate my favourite background from adventure time to boost my skills and help me get to grips with this background buisness.... wheww umm yeah and this colour line thingy coz i allways put black line on everything which needs to stop :) um yeah so this is kinda an Adventure time inspired tutorial im doing..... and this is where im at currently line work woohooo :) gunna take a while before it even compares to the epicness of this background.