Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dj's and dancing!!

Here are some designs from work experience I was involved in :) got a lot of work on at the moment so my blogging has been put on hold but when I get a chance going to illustrate like a crazy lady hehehe!!

These are some DJ designs of people spinning and a party like atmosphere. Had a lot of fun working on these.

These are some side characters that I was doing as a test and sorta some different style DJ's :D hope you like.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


Yay baking, I can't help but put up a sugar filled post :D this is a cookie butter cream cupcake with vanilla sponge and chocolate spread. nom nom nom!!!

Happy Birthday Asha woopwoop!!here is a giant triple chocolate cookie...mmmmmmmmmmm need to have a break from sugar now hehe!!

A Little Place Called Earth!

Here be the little place I like to call home!hehhe!! I have been using a lot of flash recently so flicking back to my old ways and jumping on the illustrator here be Earth!!