Saturday, 20 November 2010

..week 4 - my characters :) ...aka the child

•She is Adventurous, imaginative and inventive. She always tries to find new ways of doing things and she loves to solve problems.
•She is always thinking and always fully alert and aware of what is around her.
•Very smart for her age, she is convinced her parents are villains and will do anything to prove it, sadly there’s always things getting in the way so proving it isn’t as easy as she thought.
•She is an outcast in school because the other children think she is a little bit weird
•She has such a large imagination, always making big adventures were ever she can and with whatever she’s doing.
•She takes her doll everywhere with her, it’s her only friend and the only person/object she can talk to.
•She does very well in school and she has a strong passion for history, she loves studying characters like Sherlock Holmes in her free time.

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