Thursday, 18 November 2010

week 3 - designing the doll :)...

Well basically for my doll I wanted her to be quite generic(funny word) beacuse I wanted her to be automatically recognised as a doll and I dont want the audience to be confused. So yea I started by darwing lots of dolls, then chose my favourite ones and popped them by the girl to see how they were working with her because she basically spends the whole of her time in the film linked to the girl character. From this then I developed these and did soem hand drawn sketches. I like to draw digitally but to reach my final sketch I love going back to the pencil, it's defo the bestest tool in the world and my bestest friend :)..... well joint first with my tablet pen :)

Straying off point a little here I apologise but yea the biggest drawing is basically my final design, I liked the contrast of her hair being tied up to the girl having long free flowing hair, I also wanted to put her in the generic barbie princess, floaty and fluffy annoying dress :)

I wanna animate now :)

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