Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekend of Fun

Hehehehe ahh heres some fuuny scibbles from my trip to bridgend for the weekend :) as pretty awesome I got to see my awesome family and some friends who are missed due to my lack of trips home...anywho we went out for the evening for amys birthday and on the mini bus to swnasea we decided to do some drawing hehe....they made me giggle so thought i would post them heheh :) this is the outcome to a drunken evening with old friends :D

Oh and here is a little snippet of more of my weekend :) it was aesome luke and super cool mats birthday last week but had a gathering and movie night yesterday so we made them a cake :D BRIGHT GREEN CHEERIO CAKE :) hehe this is the first cake thats been made that actually looked and teasted alrighty ehehehhe soo yeah after a weekend of birthdays i think its time to get back to some drawing and animating :D

1 comment:

  1. now that is a neon green cake! My nephew would have so much fun picking off the cheerios. :)