Monday, 14 November 2011

Flash Animation Test 001

This is the first test i have done for this walk and I have a tutorial to follow so alot of the timing is based on other work, but honestly in trying to get to grips with the layering and breaking everything down and then ill get my completly own test done yay :D Even though iv had a good few hours of head pain i feel like im progressing and learning lots :D ... the hands on this are horrible and only the top half is moving but yeah ill continue with this tomorrow now ....... oh and this is far from finished just to clarify :D


  1. Oh wow!
    This is so cool! So clean and smooth too!
    Cant wait to see more =D

  2. Wow - I've never done any animation, it's great to see it in progress. I think the action looks nice and bouncy and natural. I have enough trouble just drawing a still!!! Well done!

  3. Hi Michaela. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

    It is nice to visit your blog an see your drawings... and your first animation looks promising! I will come back later on to see it developing (into a movie).

    I would like to make my first flash animation soon too. I have seen there is a gadget that scans your body and you can animate the motion puppet with your own body movements.

  4. this is so cool.. i’d love to give that a try.
    xo sandra