Friday, 2 September 2011

big drawings :D

woohoooo :) blogging ohhhh me oh my its been such a long time.... I have been visting the folks this week so been back in bridgend... we just moved house so been unpacking boxes, painting, organising, moving things and watching movies :D overall was an awesome week but finally back to my blog and I can post some of my work.. my boyfriend has had to lend me his mac because my laptop has died hopefully be up and running again soon. I have lost alot of scans so hopefuly i can scan in all my drawing and get them up here. umm this is another thing I started working on I wanted to try doing some drawing on A3 paper and using so mixed media with pen watercolour and hopefully some pencil. :D yeah anywho this is the first image of my pencil work....this drawing is for my boyfriend and its all things that mean something to me and him so may look a little random to others :D


  1. I totally get all the drawings mohaha, im in the 'in crowd' It looks really cool xx

  2. woohoooo in crowd.. :D oh thanking you very muchos :D xx