Wednesday, 14 September 2011

IF - Boundries

Yay final finished been working on this most of this morning :) ..... storytime go!

This is pete he likes to go to the park he normally takes his younger sister jayne...unfortunatly he is afraid of all the other children..... he enjoys sitting in the sandbox because he likes the boundry it creates between him and the rest of the world..... his little sister likes to make fun of him and is allways wants to play...shes loves snails


  1. Waw this looks mega sweet baby :) its rather cute too, i love the jumper designs hehehe the snail one made me laugh :P i love you so much baby xxxxx

  2. nice detail n the jumpers! i like the little stories that are going with all your illustrations now. I've actually managed to finished illustration friday this week too! :P