Saturday, 23 October 2010

...Week 1 - research, concept design, rough animatic.... final project for third year has begun woooohoooo :) been given the brief, 6 weeks of pre production has begun and really excited about what im doing......collected together soem research of things, artists and films and such that inspire me..........makes you really wanna draw when you start looking at some beautiful pieces of work... Ive started on doing some concept pieces for my film, im looking at a rough design for my main character so then I can build of this. Im going to start an animatic soon....... I have been working on some story threads because my piece is going to be based on a series and im creating the pilot episode.
Below are some images that were my favourites from the research i have gathered so far.....
 This is an image by B J crawford, a genius animator who I totally admire, really love his sketch work aswel it's really beautiful. I love his use of a single  piece of colour looks realy nice.
 This is a colour script from nocturna, I only discovered this film recently and I loved it since then this had become one of my favourite animation companies.
 This is another piece by head productions, theyve recently posted the design work they have created for their new feature no pets allowed, it looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it.
 The good old design work from how to train your dragon, defo the best art of book ever its soooo nice, i love flicking throught it all the stuff in there is amazing and i love the style.
 This is a piece of art by Pete Oswald he is a designer from the feature film cloudy with a chance of meatballs, he creates beautiful pages of design work and he also did work for the book of the film aswell I love the way he has made the design page by using simple shapes and adding textures.
I absutly loved the scott pilgrim film that was released and made me want to look into the style of the animated piece. when i looked on their website they had an avatar creator which was pretty sweet and this is what I created, if you got to do the research mite aswell make it fun. :)

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