Friday, 8 October 2010

....current flash project...

 so its the second week back in uni wooohooo...were doing three weeks of flash and we have to make 30 seconds of clip top show :) woohoooo its major fun and getting really into it now...learnt loads of the techniques and stuff and feel like the film i did in the summer has helped coz i feel alot more comfotable with the interface.
I been making a little character thingy with some textures and stuff pretty fun :) i called it love/hate kinda like a valentines day e card sorta thingy :) one week left of the project wooohooo :)
This be some of the flash work iv done for the girl character . shes a little punk princess :) but shes super evil...
 This is the boy character who likes the girl but hes from a different clique so she doesnt like him....he so cute and nerdy :) hehehhehe

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