Saturday, 12 May 2012

Moshi Monsters and Cake

Yay blogging on a saturday :) had lots to do today but decided to take a little break and draw some of the moshi monsters that were chilling on my shelf hehhe, these are the newest ones..... the unicorn is my favourite... unicorns are super awesome though :D on the left is a caske i made yesterday it chocolate with coconut buttercream nom nom nom ....was gunna throw some peanut butter in aswell but i was stopped heheh :)

I apologise this cake was made by the highly recommmended and incredibly talented Aled Matthews and his cake assisstant Caela thats why this one came out so beautifully. hehehheehe :D


  1. *cough cough* you mean the cake WE made haha ... was lush!!

  2. i dont know how this could have happened lol sorry dude heheh you were the main contributer to this cake it is mighty amazing :) we should bake more often :D