Wednesday, 20 July 2011

sleepy head with some colour

Heres the other drawing done digital style :) woohooooo ahhhh feels so nice to be able to sit down and just draw whatever is in my head :) i would like to spend more time on these digital pieces this was probably about and hours worth of work here :D im loving hand drawing my stuff but wanna keep going with the both ...having some trouble finding a scanner though so sketch book scans on my webcam i think it may be :)

anywho yeah shes sleeepy ahhhhhhh bless her


  1. nice, i wish i could bust that out in 1 hour, learning illustrator atm and it's taking bloody ages to finish the simplest of drawings D:

  2. well its only coz im an illustrator addict lol... once you learn the tools and short keys youll be an illustrator master fo sho :)