Monday, 17 January 2011

illustration friday - chicken

This is my chicken girl :) she is in fancy dress for a dress up as a chicken party.. or it could be one of her disguises in my film :O..... story go go go !!

her name is emily and she has allways loved chickens when she was invited to go to a fancy dress party she knew exactly what she wanted to dress up as .... when she arrived at the party it turned out it was a posh dress code and not fancy dress, she was sad for a moment but then was happy because she had the best costume there.....for this day onwards she wore this costume everywhere and noone could get her out of it. :)


  1. Please find a way of getting this into your film, it is amazing!

  2. hehehehe chick - aela ! yeeeeeaaaaah i love this !!! love you x

  3. Love the art and the story too!