Monday, 9 August 2010 drawing....

these are some sketches i did yesterday :) twas fun indeeeeeeeeeeeeed ...not gunna lie heheheheh... theres an awesome website that i have linked on here which has loads of photosets for reference for drawing and things its pretty cool :) they have some realy nice and interesting poses :D
i wasnt entirely happy with these drawings there are bits and stuff that are wrong with them but its ok ....its all a learning curve :) and fun to do :) yeeeeeee
yet again heres another think im getting into my life drawing coz im avoiding my film :O that stops today though need to get going my my love story movie :D

 this is another one :) running out of things to say coz these drawing are basically the same sort of thing :O... i used biro for all of them though :) woohoooo

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