Monday, 26 July 2010

...quick rubbish drawings :D. ......

these are two sketches i did quickly on a sunday night while watching becoming jane :D there realy quick and iv noticed loads of stuff wrong with them but tbh everytime i draw i feel im improving and makes me feel better if i keep the pencil going :D .... havnt drawn any people for what feels like ages aswel coz due to holiday and busyness iv been just drawin cartoon stuff :D so yeah thare we go dont judge me by these drawings :D


  1. I love all your sketches! They look awesome! :D

  2. I can see who they are straight away! Nice work!

  3. personally i think these are awesome mis edmunds :) your really good, love you very much :) lol an yes couldnt help but nose around on your blog spot late/early atnight/morning :P xxxxx